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MISSY, Super Beauty

Age: 33

Missy is 33 years young. With a three-year marriage and a career as a Special Education teacher, Missy has the life she’s always wanted. Her major interests now are fashion and beauty. She loves shopping at discount retailers like Target, New York & Company, and Amazon but also loves luxury brands like Michael Kors and MAC.  At the end of the day, she usually has the TV on, her computer on her lap and her phone beside her because, “It’s like I have to have all three with me or I feel incomplete!”

5 Recent Purchases

Missy loves a mix of high-end beauty and low-cost luxury fashion pieces.
Missy’s latest purchases include: a purse from Target, a jacket from Rue 21, a set of blouses and bracelets from New York and Company, a dress from Amazon.com, and eye shadow from Mac.