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She lives a life focused on what matters most to her.

The Passionista is driven by the devotion she has for making her body and the planet as healthy as possible by being as green as she can be. It’s important to her to shop for food that’s natural and passionista-150x150 organic, and she always pays attention to labels to find out exactly where her food comes from as well as its authentic nutritional value.

This woman is passionate in many areas and ideally would prefer to consolidate efforts and still maximize results, if possible. Fitness for her is a way of life. Whether she’s sweating it out at Soul Cycle or trying out the newest Barre class, she’s results-driven and focused on finding a fun way to move.

It’s important to the Passionista that the way she spends her time and money supports her beliefs. Not only does she invest in her favorite causes, she also uses beauty products that are environmentally friendly. Organic, paraben-free, botanically based skincare does exist, and she has made sure to find it!

This excitable woman is always making responsible decisions for herself, her body, and the world. She votes with her dollar, and those green values define her consumer choices.

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