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She keeps it simple and takes her cues from style icons.

The Elemental woman knows exactly what she wants with a few key influencers guiding her way. More importantly, she knows what her desires are actually worth. She’s into the practical, but is also interested in elevating her lifestyle when it comes to fashion, beauty and tech. She wants to acquire things that add value to her life and can be swayed by the popular.

elemental-150x150 Her inspirations will usually come from her favorite magazines like Glamour, advertorials such as Cover Girl commercials, and her close, trusted circle of influencers- whether it be her friends or The New York Times restaurant reviews.

She loves sifting through trends to find what suits her best. She won’t waste her time on the trend of the moment because she knows that not every trend is for her. A trend with staying power is worth hours curating just the right look.

She loves the easygoing inclusiveness of Facebook, the comfort in tracking her previous purchases, and the use of Instagram to plan ahead for that big purchase in the not so distant future. For her, striving for excess or extravagance is a turn-off, and she is a believer in the natural, woke up like this look. She appreciates comfort and value over everything else. Her main goal is to find something that is truly worth it for her and her specific lifestyle.