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Sep 10 2018

Infographic: Gen Z's Screen-to-Store Shopping Journey

Amanda Chomicz

What sets Gen Z apart is the way they take what they learn from technology to the next level for a fully informed and enjoyable shopping experience. They’re not “all about screens.” Not only was Gen Z born into a world where smartphones and on-demand services already existed, they also felt the effects of the recession at a young age, so they sensibly approach shopping with price in mind. This could also explain why they show more loyalty to mainstream “legacy” brands and have an affinity for fast food; Gen Z is 30% more likely to visit QSRs—but they’re still young.

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Sep 7 2018

Body Care: What's Trending Head to Toe?

Amanda Chomicz

In a category that is primarily considered functional, it can be challenging for body care brands to reach today’s time-crunched, ingredient-focused consumer. What’s working? Body care brands riding the health and wellness wave are prominently on consumers’ radar, but other trends are catching her eye (hello, Booty Beauty).

Below are some elements to consider when planning and marketing body care products today:

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Aug 29 2018

Infographic: Alexa, Did Amazon Prime Day Live Up to the Hype?

Amanda Chomicz

For many online shoppers, Amazon Prime Day is becoming a can’t-miss event. This year, it was especially over the top, lasting 36 hours from July 16-17, and packed with more promotion than we’ve ever seen from Amazon, including a live-streamed performance by Ariana Grande as a part of the Unboxing Prime Day experience. The company also boosted promotions with Whole Foods, rewarding shoppers both in-store and online.

The primary goal of the event is to garner new Amazon Prime memberships, and that it did, among many other achievements. Here, we take a look at overall sales and consumer spending on Prime Day 2018.

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Aug 29 2018

3 Tactics to Learn from Sephora’s Winning Beauty Loyalty Program

Amanda Chomicz

Sephora is widely recognized for Beauty Insider, its top-notch loyalty program that treats its most-engaged members as core ambassadors for the brand. Sephora not only offers special rewards, but lets members lead online discussions and drive changes within the program, all to keep their community of shoppers loyal. How do they do it?

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Aug 27 2018

Amazon Prevails on Prime Day, Unscathed by Technical Difficulties and Fierce Competition

Amanda Chomicz

Amazon Prime Day is a day of shopping delights for consumers, and significant competition for retailers. But just as the day kicked off, Amazon’s site and app crashed nearly immediately, serving up pages of cute dogs to confused customers who anxiously awaited one of the biggest days of the year.

For marketers at competing retailers who had spent time over the past 12 months drafting aggressive promotions that would drive traffic away from Amazon on that very day, the glitch was a dream. The hiccup did drive shoppers to browse other retailers—but turned out to be a minor event for Amazon.

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Aug 15 2018

Trend Roundup: Mom, Baby, and Infant Care

Rich Zeldes

ECRM’s regular planning sessions provide the ideal opportunity for retail buyers to meet some of the most exciting new brands in a variety of industries. Another great thing about ECRM’s sessions is that they offer emerging brands the opportunity to learn about the ever-changing retail landscape and how to market to consumers from executives and industry veterans.

I joined Marlea Clark, EVP of Marketing & Insights, at the Baby & Infant Care EPPS, where she hosted the session “The E-Comm Mom: How Moms Shop Digital, Mobile and Amazon” for the third year in a row. During the session, she shared insights from our recent study asking moms across the country how they shop.

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Jul 30 2018

Infographic: Smartphones Power Up the E-Comm Mom

Amanda Chomicz

From how she’s searching to what she’s buying, our infographic takes a look at the relationship between mom and her smartphone shopping habits.

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Jul 19 2018

5 Easy Ways to Keep Customers Loyal

Amanda Chomicz

Consumer shopping behavior has changed significantly over the years, and smarter brands have adapted with them by evolving communication to better meet customer needs. Brands need to be hyper-focused on their customer and leverage data to speak directly to shoppers in unique and beneficial ways. Here are 5 ways brands can develop loyalty by getting a little more personal.

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Jul 17 2018

Infographic: Amazon Prime by the Numbers 2018

Amanda Chomicz

Believe it or not, there are still people who shop on Amazon without a Prime membership, which can seem baffling to users who enjoy the perks that come with Prime. And there are a lot of them: Amazon Prime has surpassed 100 million members globally, with enormous year over year growth, proving just how influential a loyalty program can be. For brands, it’s increasingly critical to understand the Amazon Prime population, why they are there, and what keeps their loyalty. 

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Jun 26 2018

A Portrait of the Millennial Luxury Consumer

Marlea Clark

Although Millennials may have less disposable income than the generations preceding them, simply profiling this consumer by income may not be the best strategy. While their predecessors may have been status seekers, Millennials view luxury differently. Quite simply, Millennials don’t buy luxury goods to impress others, they buy premium products because they believe they are better. Researchers found that today’s luxury retail consumer tends to be younger, urban, and well-informed about the brands she buys. Discover how this consumer learns about luxury brands, when she’s most apt to buy, and the influencers that matter most.

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