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Jul 11 2018

Will Instagram Win the Video Game with IGTV?

Amanda Chomicz

Instagram is the go-to social platform for consumers to see how a product looks or works without leaving their house to sample it themselves. Users follow brand pages and watch the how-to tutorials and trials by their favorite influencers. They can view Stories, swipe up for more information and purchase products without leaving the app. With over one billion users and a massive number of influencers, Instagram sounds like a brand’s dream for product integration, right?

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Jul 3 2018

As Google Streamlines its Ad Products, Partners Gear Up for an Even Bigger Data Battle

Amanda Chomicz

Google is undergoing a major rebranding slated for mid-July, with an emphasis on major.

 AdWords and DoubleClick have been Google’s flagship advertising products for two decades (it’s been 22 years since DoubleClick arrived on the scene). The products debuted with a clear goal: to connect consumers to businesses online, in an easy way. It gave brands a new advertising opportunity: if a consumer was searching for an “out-there” product or service, ads for a relevant or equally “out-there” brand would pop up, giving them what they need in the moment. Suddenly, smaller, emerging brands were given the opportunity to reach their target consumers in a time of need, thus allowing them to grow their business.

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Feb 12 2018

Beyond Skin Deep: Bee Shapiro Opens Up About the Future of Beauty

Ann D'Adamo

For almost a decade, Bee Shapiro has had a front-row seat to the beauty industry. As the Skin Deep columnist for The New York Times, she covers the changing face of the industry and gets Hollywood’s most glamourous women to share their beauty rituals and reveal their life-changing products. Her passion for beauty goes beyond journalism; Shapiro is also making her own news as a beauty entrepreneur. Ellis Brooklyn, her ethical fragrance and body care line, is available at some of the world’s most prestigious retailers, including Sephora.com, Net-A-Porter, and Barneys New York. Although she’s used to doing the interviewing, we had the opportunity to turn the tables and learn more about Bee and get her predictions for the future of beauty.

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May 8 2017

Building a Beautiful Workforce: Hiring and Retaining Millennial Talent | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Earlier this year, Women’s Marketing and job search platform AllWork fielded a study to learn what Millennials look for as they job hunt and presented the findings at the Millennial 20/20 Summit in New York City. With their expertise in staffing at top beauty retailers, and our deep understanding of the beauty industry, we each brought our own unique perspective to the project. You can read the report here, but we wanted to continue the conversation to learn how beauty brands and retailers can attract and retain top talent. Andrea Van Dam, CEO of Women’s Marketing, and AllWork Chairman and CRO Scott Gurfein, discuss how the retail experience will be transformed in the next few years by Millennials and emerging technology.

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Dec 19 2016

Health & Wellness is the Next Trillion Dollar Industry

Kerri Krom

Women’s Marketing recently collaborated with Rodale on original consumer research designed to explore and explain the modern“Health & Wellness” consumer mindsetand delve into 2014 wellness trends. Wellness, defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort, is a mindset we believe has seeped into the lives of the everyday woman, and has emerged as a lifestyle here to stay.

Which Product Categories Account for the Increasing Wellness Market Size?

There are several common threads that stand out across the various definitions of wellness. Wellness is multi-dimensional, holistic, changes over time and along a continuum, and is most importantly individual, but also influenced by the environment and community. The next trillion dollar industry globally, the Health & Wellness market space is dominated mostly by beauty and anti-aging product sales at $679 billion, followed by fitness and mind + body exercise ($390 billion) and health eating, nutrition and weight loss sales ($277 billion).

Other product sales that complete the Health & Wellness market are complementary and alternative medicines, wellness tourism, spas, medical tourism and workplace wellness. In the United States alone, women invest $125 billion against their nutrition, $40 billion against alternative medicine and $25 billion against OTC drugs.

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Jun 1 2016

3 Ways Marketers Can Create Better Brand Experiences | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

By now, marketers know that Millennials value experiences over things—almost 80% of Millennials say they would choose to spend their money on an experience or event over buying something desirable and nearly 8 in 10 (77%) millennials say some of their best memories are from an event or live experience they attended or participated in.

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May 10 2016

Social Media 101: Snapchat for Brands | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Now that almost every brand is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat has become the go-to platform for engaging Millennial and Generation Z consumers. Brands are just starting to learn how to effectively use Snapchat to entertain and delight audiences with video, contests, stickers, and other branded content. Here, we take a look at the platform to better understand what's being shared...and how often! Can your brand be doing better on social? Contact Women's Marketing to learn how we can help you to develop a smarter social media strategy.

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Feb 19 2016

Why Celebrity Fragrances No Longer Sell | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

In 1991, Elizabeth Taylor began the celebrity fragrance phenomenon with her perfume, White Diamonds. Eager to experience the sophistication and glamour associated with the superstar, millions of women around the globe purchased the fragrance and its later spinoffs. Sensing an opportunity, fragrance manufacturers began launching perfume lines with everyone from Brittney to Beyoncé.  But, beauty consumers eventually tired of this trend—since the mid-to-late 2000’s celebrity scents have been in decline. In 2011, celebrity fragrances generated $150 million in annual sales, accounting for 4% of the U.S. prestige market.  By 2014, the category declined by two-thirds,  plummeting to about $50.6 million and accounting for less than 2% of the $3 billion market.

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Feb 15 2016

Inside SwimsuitsforAll’s #SwimSexy Campaign | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

SwimsuitsforAll’s groundbreaking campaigns challenge viewers to redefine their concept of beauty. Last year the e-tailer—and Women’s Marketing client—ran in Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue featuring curvy model Ashley Graham. This year, they aim to prove that every body is sexy with their #SwimSexy campaign that includes 56-year-old silver-haired stunner Nicola Griffin and plus-size models Philomena Kwao and Ashley Graham confidently showing off their curves in itsy-bitsy metallic gold bikinis. The ads will once again appear in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, further challenging perceptions about age and body size. Sara Mitzner, content director for SwimsuitsforAll, spoke to us about the campaign and the overwhelmingly positive response they’re received from both men and women.

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Feb 3 2016

Valentine's Day | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Any way you look at it, retailers are sweet on Valentine's Day. Cards, gifts, and millions of pounds of candy account for $19 billion in sales attributed to the holiday. Our infographic illustrates how brands and retailers can share in the love with Valentine themed social media and retail campaigns that reach consumers locally and nationally. Contact Women's Marketing to learn how the latest ad technologies can help marketers connect consumers with their brand. 

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