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Jun 26 2018

Trend Roundup: Project Nosh + Foundermade

Rich Zeldes

As consumers increasingly crave healthier foods, brands are responding through fresh ingredients, sourcing and flavors, with much of the industry’s growth coming from smaller, independent brands. Rich Zeldes, EVP Managing Director at Women’s Marketing, visited four CPG summits that showcased how the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive when it comes to keeping it clean and green in food. California’s Lincoln Consumer Conference and Imperial Consumer Summit, as well as New York’s Project Nosh and Foundermade conferences proved that the food industry in particular is still being disrupted in many meaningful, healthy ways that consumers are reacting positively to. That means brands are listening to consumer needs, paying attention to the trends and adjusting to fit as needed. Rich shared a few key food trends worth noting:

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May 14 2018

Health and Wellness Marketing: 3 Ways Tech Will Disrupt Healthcare

Marlea Clark

Increasingly, consumers are taking deliberate steps to live healthy lives. They’re making conscious food choices, exercising more, and getting preventative medical screenings. Technology allows us to track our health through apps and other monitoring devices and communicate digitally with health professionals—in fact, about half of American adults say they are already doing so. Here, we look at how digitally enhanced health care is poised to disrupt the industry and why brands should consider how they will keep up.

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Mar 29 2018

Infographic: Why Self-Care is the Latest Health and Wellness Trend

Ann D'Adamo

The rising cost of healthcare in America has launched a movement to elevate self-care as an essential component of health care. Empowering consumers through self-care has the potential to improve individual health and reduce medical costs at a time when the U.S. health systems is in a state of flux. In our infographic, you'll learn what consumers say about self-care and how they are already taking self-care measures.  

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Mar 14 2018

Infographic: How Parents Evaluate and Choose OTC Medications for Kids

Ann D'Adamo

Parents know that colds and coughs are an inevitable part of childhood. Ninety-seven percent of children under 12 experienced some type of short-term illness within the past year. Developing immune systems and close contact in daycare and classrooms, make children more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Parents stock up on OTC medications to alleviate symptoms and help their children feel more comfortable. In our infographic, we explain how parents evaluate OTC remedies, the formats they prefer, and the steps they take to keep their children well.

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Mar 5 2018

Health and Wellness Infographic: Today's Vitamin Consumer

Ann D'Adamo

Consumers agree that taking vitamins and supplements is part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, almost three quarters of all U.S. adults regularly take vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements. Although overall industry growth slowed slightly in 2017, sales still increased by 4% to reach $23.3 billion and are projected to grow at a modest pace through 2022. In our infographic, we look at the opportunities for growth, how consumers shop for supplements, and which products are growing.  

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Feb 16 2018

Beauty’s New Crop: Cannabis Infused Products

Ann D'Adamo

Cannabis seems to have come out from under a cloud of suspicion and is quickly becoming one of the buzziest ingredients in skincare. As an increasing number of states are legalizing its use for medical and recreational purposes, cannabis is shedding its stoner image and is being recognized for its therapeutic properties. Analysts predict the legal cannabis market will soar to nearly $15 billion by 2021, with the beauty and health and wellness industries representing a big part of that boom. In the past year, there’s been a notable increase in the number of indie brands offering moisturizers, healing balms, lip products, and candles infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a natural, non-psychoactive compound found in the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant.

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Feb 2 2018

Infographic: Women Take A Proactive Approach to Health and Wellness

Ann D'Adamo

Seventy-three percent of women say it's very important to be knowledgeable about keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy. Although physicians continue to rank as the most trustworthy source of health and wellness information, consumers are increasingly taking a proactive approach and researching the best prices for the services they need. In our infographic, you'll learn how these informed decision makers are changing the way consumers approach healthcare. 

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Jan 8 2018

Generation X: Health and Wellness and Life in the Middle

Ann D'Adamo

Generation X is re-defining what it means to be middle-aged. With a mindset that’s decidedly younger than its chronological age, this generation may be still raising young families and plan to stay in the workforce longer than their predecessors. To do so, they’re taking out a little “health insurance” in the form of healthy eating, regular exercise, and routine medical screenings. Although they may approach life with a youthful vigor, many still struggle with some of the inevitable challenges that middle age brings such as weight gain, menopause, and hypertension.

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Dec 27 2017

Infographic: Mobile Use In America

Ann D'Adamo

Most of us can’t imagine life without our smart phones, but are we addicted? Researchers found that Americans check their phones an average of 47 times per day with younger users checking in an average of 86 times—an increase of 4% over 2016. In our infographic, learn when and where consumers are increasingly checking their phones and how it’s affecting families.  

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Dec 21 2017

Pinterest’s 2018 Top Trends

Ann D'Adamo

Pinterest is part search engine, part social network, and, while it’s highly visual like Instagram, it offers much more than pretty pictures. Pinterest is a place to explore passions, get ideas, and plan for the future. Its tech innovations apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, and visual search to understand what users want to see. As 2018 approaches, here are the trends in food and beverage, beauty, and health and wellness that Pinterest predicts will be rising in the new year.

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