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Jun 26 2018

Trend Roundup: Project Nosh + Foundermade

Rich Zeldes

As consumers increasingly crave healthier foods, brands are responding through fresh ingredients, sourcing and flavors, with much of the industry’s growth coming from smaller, independent brands. Rich Zeldes, EVP Managing Director at Women’s Marketing, visited four CPG summits that showcased how the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive when it comes to keeping it clean and green in food. California’s Lincoln Consumer Conference and Imperial Consumer Summit, as well as New York’s Project Nosh and Foundermade conferences proved that the food industry in particular is still being disrupted in many meaningful, healthy ways that consumers are reacting positively to. That means brands are listening to consumer needs, paying attention to the trends and adjusting to fit as needed. Rich shared a few key food trends worth noting:

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Apr 19 2018

Infographic: What's Popping in the Food and Beverage Category?

Marlea Clark

With increasingly on-the-go lifestyles, Americans are reaching for snacks to satisfy their hunger cravings or replace meals entirely. Salty snacks are a nearly ubiquitous presence in American households, with 91% of household reporting purchase within the past three months. While there have been steady gains in protein-packed meat snacks, popcorn, pretzels, and cheese-flavored snacks continue to be favorites. In our infographic we look at the latest snack trends, which snacks consumers grab first, and why the better-for-you category is poised for growth.

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Apr 6 2018

How to Make Your Food and Beverage Brand Pop On-Shelf

Ann D'Adamo

With a focus on fresh and natural, Millennials are favoring the perimeter of the store in search of fresh produce, meat, poultry, and dairy and avoiding shelf-stable foods in the center. Researchers found that just a little more than one third of Millennials say they shop the center of the store most often, compared to 62% of consumers 55 and older. Although supermarket retailers have been redesigning store layouts to reflect Millennials’ mission-based shopping style, center-of-store brands must work harder to make sure their packaging stands out at the point of purchase. Researchers surveyed Millennials to understand what packaging attributes are likely to capture the attention of this shopper and entice them to buy.

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Apr 2 2018

Infographic: Amazon vs. Walmart in the Battle for Online Grocery

Ann D'Adamo

Amazon and Walmart are going head-to-head in the online grocery wars. Both are investing heavily in building out their grocery options, launching price wars, and doing whatever it takes to win the food and beverage consumer. In this infographic, we look at the online grocery shopper to learn who they are, why they shop online, and where each e-tailer is winning in grocery.

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Mar 29 2018

7 Food and Beverage Trends from Natural Products Expo West 2018

Rich Zeldes

Natural Products Expo West has grown from a small show targeted to a select niche of retailers to a multi-day event drawing over 85,000 attendees and 3,500 exhibitors. Retail buyers, distributors, and investors were among those that walked the show floor in search of the next superstar brand. Beyond food, exhibitors included beauty, home, pet, and other products geared toward healthy lifestyle consumers. While many of these brands were more eager to point out what their products don’t contain than what they do, we identified several noteworthy ingredient trends.

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Mar 19 2018

Why Brands Have a Millennial Problem

Ann D'Adamo

With plain white labels and undesirable shelf position, generic or store brands used to be considered inferior to those with a household name. But like everything else in retail, times are changing. Today, house brands command 20% of the CPG market, with estimated revenues of $120 billion annually. Improved quality, more contemporary packaging, better retailer marketing, and competitive pricing, new “brandless” brands are changing the way consumers perceive these products.

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Mar 2 2018

Infographic: Will 2018 Be The Year Of Online Grocery Shopping?

Ann D'Adamo

Will 2018 be the year that online grocery shopping takes off? After dipping a toe into the water last year, consumers seem ready to make the transition—but only on their terms. In our infographic, learn where the opportunities are, how food and beverage brands can break down barriers, what makes a great online grocery experience, and how to win on Amazon.

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Feb 21 2018

Is Your Beauty or Food and Beverage Brand an Acquisition Target?

Rich Zeldes

Indie brands are innovative, nimble, and often present an authentic message or mission which consumers are eager to support. Increasingly, these newcomers are stealing share from category leaders and causing a stir in the marketplace. Brands that once were category leaders are taking an “if you can’t beat them, buy them” approach and acquiring indie brands to remain competitive. While having a unique product or position can attract interest from investors, it’s not enough. Rich Zeldes,  EVP Managing Director at Women's Marketing, spoke with Maria Steingoltz, Managing Director at L.E.K. Consulting, a consulting firm with a retail focus on food/beverage and beauty and personal care, to learn what makes a brand a strong target for acquisition.

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Feb 14 2018

Infographic: Consumers Confused by Natural Food and Beverage Labels

Ann D'Adamo

Consumers are increasingly aware of the health, safety, and social impacts of food consumption and paying closer attention to packaging claims. Although claims like “gluten-free” or “antibiotic-free” are understandable to most consumers, claims like “natural” can be ambiguous. Without clear FDA guidelines surrounding the use of the “natural” claim, both consumers and marketers have been left to define it for themselves causing confusion for all but the savviest of consumers. In our infographic, we look at what's confusing food and beverage consumers and how marketers can offer more substantive and transparent claims.

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Feb 5 2018

The Fragmented Journey of Food and Beverage Consumers

Ann D'Adamo

In the 1970’s, about two thirds of U.S. food and beverage spend was allotted to grocery store purchasing. Fast-forward to today, and we find that consumers are spending 50% of their food budget dining out rather than on a home-cooked meal. While share of budget is shifting, it’s not as straightforward as choosing a restaurant menu over mom’s meat loaf, we’re seeing the rise of crossover and new format competitors such as meal kit companies, juice bars, snack-as-meal options, and e-commerce. Here, we look at how the lines are blurring and where the opportunities are for food and beverage marketers.

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