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Jul 24 2017

Why Athletic Footwear Brands Stepped Up Their Game | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Have Nike and Adidas supplanted Choo and Louboutin as the footwear of choice for the sartorially savvy? Thanks to the casualization of the workplace and the loosening of office dress codes, sneakers have become much more than weekend wear for both men and women—they’ve become status symbols. Celebrity collaborations and athlete endorsements have continued to lend cachet to brands and a new wave of sneaker culture is evolving as the latest manifestation of the athleisure trend.

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Jul 11 2017

Amazon Marketing Techniques: A+ Enhanced Content

Ann D'Adamo

There’s no question that Amazon’s disruptive effect on retail is impacting every category. From beauty to health and wellness, marketers are scrambling to learn how they can optimize their Amazon marketing techniques for product discovery. One way marketers can help their products to stand out from the competition is through smart Amazon content marketing. Amazon’s A+ detail pages offer marketers the ability to tell a relevant and compelling story about their brand. Why take the time to build A+ enhanced marketing content pages? They can increase sales by an average of 3-10%, educate consumers about your product and brand, and improve search results on Amazon.

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Jun 27 2017

4 Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Marketplace for Prime Day | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

If there’s anything Americans love, it’s a sale—and when that retailer is Amazon, you can bet it will be a blockbuster.

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Jun 26 2017

Amazon and Whole Foods? Naturally! | WMI

Andrea Van Dam

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods certainly took the world by storm last week. Why would Amazon spend $13.7 billion on a struggling mid-size grocery chain with a reputation for high prices? Because Amazon is very good at disrupting industries and the grocery business is ripe for disruption, both on- and offline.

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Jun 22 2017

Amazon Boxes Out Fashion Competition | WMI

Andrea Van Dam

Amazon has made no secret of its ambitions to disrupt the apparel industry and it’s willing to take a very public test-and-learn approach to doing so. Amazon hit $13 billion in clothing and footwear sales in 2016—13% of its U.S. gross merchandise volume—and is taking aggressive action to grow that share in 2017. While they’ve shuttered their Style Code video platform, Amazon remains committed to fashion, with new efforts including launching eight value-oriented, basics-focused private label brands and the Amazon Echo Look, a video-enabled version of the Echo that snaps full length photos of users and employs Amazon’s team of Style Check consultants to offer wardrobe suggestions.

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Jun 5 2017

Infographic: Amazon's Beauty Best-Sellers

Ann D'Adamo

What beauty products sell best on Amazon? 

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May 2 2017

Amazon Just Revealed How They Intend to Take Over Fashion | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Last week, Amazon introduced the Amazon Echo Look, a video-enabled version of the Echo that can snap full-length photos or take video on demand, catalog your outfits, and employ their team of Style Check personal stylists to help you select the outfit that looks best on you…all while gathering data on your preferences, sizes, trends, current wardrobe, colors that flatter you and so much more. And what will they do with all that data? Amazon didn’t create the Amazon Look to help you look your best, they created it to sell you clothing.

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Mar 13 2017

How to Get the Best Amazon Marketplace Results | WMI

Matt Strietelmeier, Director SEM Services, Flying Point Digital

Amazon has emerged as the leading destination for consumers searching for product information. Forty-four percent of consumers start searches for products on Amazon, beating out Google and other search engines as the place to discover the items they want to buy. Amazon’s wide array of brands and products, abundance of customer reviews, and one-click checkout offer consumers a convenient one-stop shopping experience. But just listing your products on Amazon is not enough; to win, marketers must optimize search visibility on Amazon just as they do on search engines. Longtime e-commerce and SEM expert Matt Strietelmeier offers his perspective on boosting a brand’s Amazon Marketplace results.

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Dec 26 2016

Amazon Go: On Demand Food Shopping For Millennials | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Watch out food retailers, Amazon is coming for you next! Earlier this month, Amazon announced plans to open its first Amazon Go retail grocery store in Seattle. Marketed as “conveniently compact,” the checkout-free store offers a limited selection of grocery and prepared food and employs technologies previously associated with self-driving cars, including computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning, to enable shoppers to walk in, scan a QR code, select their items and have their groceries charged to their Amazon account as they exit the store. There’s no waiting, no cash, and, best of all, no hassle.

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Oct 25 2016

Amazon's Influence on E-Commerce | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

WIth its limitless selection of products, reputation for competitive pricing, and plethora of product reviews, Amazon has become the shopping destination of choice for many Americans. And, for those with Amazon Prime memberships, free two-day shipping adds another hard-to-beat benefit. This holiday season, 94% of consumers say they plan to shop the site for holiday gifts and almost 43% say they will buy most of their gifts on Amazon. Discover why Amazon has become the premier e-commerce shopping site this holiday season and beyond.

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