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Infographic: Allergies, Cold, Cough is Nothing to Sneeze at for Health and Wellness Brands | WMI

Posted by Ann D'Adamo on May 10, 2017 8:30:00 AM


Winter has passed, but those pesky cold and flu concerns remain. Although winter is commonly associated with illness, almost a third of all consumers believe that illness can strike at any time of the year and they prepare by keeping cold, cough, and allergy remedies on hand at all times. In our infographic, we explore how consumers endeavor to stay healthy, what types of OTC products they buy (and why!) and how natural remedies fit into the wellness puzzle.

Top Selection Criteria for Health and Wellness Consumers When Purchasing OTC Medications

1. recommended by a health professional

2. claims to treat specific symptoms

3. long lasting relief

4. relieves symptoms quickly

5. brand name

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