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Aug 1 2018

What Makes Indie Brands Successful? An Interview with Andrea Van Dam

Ann D'Adamo

At Women’s Marketing, we understand the entrepreneurial mindset because we live it. Our CEO, Andrea Van Dam, has spent her career helping indie brands become household names and her excitement for building brands is infectious: this month, Andrea is profiled in HER, a publication focusing on women in leadership roles.

We wanted to go behind the scenes with Andrea, and dig a little deeper into why indie brands resonate with consumers, the impact of social media and technology, and what the brand/agency partnership will look like in the future. Please check out the full interview at HER magazine (registration required).  

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Apr 9 2018

Is Women’s Empowerment the Right Message for Your Brand?

Ann D'Adamo

#RealBeauty, #LikeAGirl, #BetterForIt...messages of female empowerment have become a common theme for marketers. These advertising campaigns, alongside cultural shifts like the #MeToo movement and the Women’s March, have pivoted the cultural conversation and placed women’s issues in the spotlight. Increasingly, many woman-focused brands feel they need to embrace this trend—but without a concrete stance, images and messaging can feel gimmicky rather than profound and ultimately may do more harm than good. Researchers have found that women feel most empowered when they see women in ads who are easy to relate to, are in control of their own lives, and reflect the diverse experience of womanhood in America.

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Apr 6 2018

How to Make Your Food and Beverage Brand Pop On-Shelf

Ann D'Adamo

With a focus on fresh and natural, Millennials are favoring the perimeter of the store in search of fresh produce, meat, poultry, and dairy and avoiding shelf-stable foods in the center. Researchers found that just a little more than one third of Millennials say they shop the center of the store most often, compared to 62% of consumers 55 and older. Although supermarket retailers have been redesigning store layouts to reflect Millennials’ mission-based shopping style, center-of-store brands must work harder to make sure their packaging stands out at the point of purchase. Researchers surveyed Millennials to understand what packaging attributes are likely to capture the attention of this shopper and entice them to buy.

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Apr 4 2018

Infographic: How Moms Connect With Brands

Ann D'Adamo

There are an estimated 43 million moms in the U.S. and they drive up to 80% of all consumer purchasing. Today’s moms struggle to balance their responsibilities, spend time with their kids, and carve out a little time for themselves. In our infographic, you'll learn what makes moms feel like they’ve accomplished their goals, what makes them laugh, and how they stay connected to the people and brands they love.

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Apr 2 2018

Infographic: Amazon vs. Walmart in the Battle for Online Grocery

Ann D'Adamo

Amazon and Walmart are going head-to-head in the online grocery wars. Both are investing heavily in building out their grocery options, launching price wars, and doing whatever it takes to win the food and beverage consumer. In this infographic, we look at the online grocery shopper to learn who they are, why they shop online, and where each e-tailer is winning in grocery.

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Apr 2 2018

Infographic: Who Is The Generation Z Beauty Consumer?

Ann D'Adamo

Generation Z is the most ethnically diverse and socially progressive generation to date. The first generation to have grown up with social media, today's teens are feeling pressured to look Insta-worthy at all times and turning to their favorite influencers on social media for tips and inspiration. In our infographic, we explain how beauty brands can reach this consumer who wields a collective $44 billion in spending power.

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Mar 29 2018

Infographic: Why Self-Care is the Latest Health and Wellness Trend

Ann D'Adamo

The rising cost of healthcare in America has launched a movement to elevate self-care as an essential component of health care. Empowering consumers through self-care has the potential to improve individual health and reduce medical costs at a time when the U.S. health systems is in a state of flux. In our infographic, you'll learn what consumers say about self-care and how they are already taking self-care measures.  

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Mar 27 2018

Infographic: Where to Find Generation Z on Social Media

Ann D'Adamo

There are almost 75 million kids under 17 in the U.S. and they are already making a big impact on the economy. Generation Z accounts for $143 billion in direct spending and 93% of parents say their teens and tweens sway family and household purchases. But what influences kids? Research shows that kids are spending between six and nine hours a day online for school, entertainment, communicating with friends, and keeping up with the latest trends. In our infographic, we explore Generation Z's relationship with social media and how it influences their spending habits. 

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Mar 23 2018

The 4 Attributes of a Successful Beauty Brand

Ann D'Adamo

What makes women emotionally connect with beauty brands? How does a brand develop a cult following? More important, what makes that sustainable in an increasingly competitive landscape? Here, we explore the building blocks of a successful beauty brand and look at how winning brands stay on top.

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Mar 21 2018

Infographic: Inside The Mind of the Millennial Shopper

Ann D'Adamo

Millennial women love to shop. Researchers found that 94% of women 15-35 spend over an hour per day shopping or browsing online—and when they do buy, they are 20% more likely than the average shopper to spend up to 25% more. Although she’s an avid shopper, she’s selective about the brands she buys. In our infographic, you'll learn what (and who) influences her purchases and why brand story matters. 

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