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Sep 27 2018

Sun Care: Opportunities for Marketing Year-Round

Amanda Chomicz

Sun care traditionally dominates in the summer, when most of the country is thinking about beaches and sunny days, with a small uptick during spring break. However, recent personal care and beauty trends show there is rich opportunity for sun care brands to expand beyond the single season and shake things up.

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Sep 21 2018

Infographic: Shopping for Sweeteners in a Natural Era

Amanda Chomicz

Consumers are increasingly choosing “better-for-you” products across nearly every supermarket aisle. 3 out 4 consumers review food ingredients, and the same number make a point of avoiding specific ingredients when shopping. Sweeteners, as a category, are problematic: sugar is under scrutiny for a myriad of reasons, but artificial sweeteners aren’t necessarily considered “better-for-you” either. Ultimately, consumers are aware that sugar isn’t great for them, but they do crave the taste and are always seeking natural sweeteners.

When shopping for sweeteners, here’s what goes down:

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Sep 18 2018

What Amazon Advertising Means for the Industry

Amanda Chomicz

In a move to streamline advertising, Amazon is restructuring its services and eliminating those acronyms that advertisers have grown accustomed to. Say goodbye to AMS, AMG, and AAP; welcome to the world, Amazon Advertising.

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Sep 10 2018

Infographic: Gen Z's Screen-to-Store Shopping Journey

Amanda Chomicz

What sets Gen Z apart is the way they take what they learn from technology to the next level for a fully informed and enjoyable shopping experience. They’re not “all about screens.” Not only was Gen Z born into a world where smartphones and on-demand services already existed, they also felt the effects of the recession at a young age, so they sensibly approach shopping with price in mind. This could also explain why they show more loyalty to mainstream “legacy” brands and have an affinity for fast food; Gen Z is 30% more likely to visit QSRs—but they’re still young.

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Sep 7 2018

Body Care: What's Trending Head to Toe?

Amanda Chomicz

In a category that is primarily considered functional, it can be challenging for body care brands to reach today’s time-crunched, ingredient-focused consumer. What’s working? Body care brands riding the health and wellness wave are prominently on consumers’ radar, but other trends are catching her eye (hello, Booty Beauty).

Below are some elements to consider when planning and marketing body care products today:

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Sep 5 2018

What is E-A-T? Understanding Google's August 1st Algorithm Update

John Morabito

Google makes updates to their algorithms as many as 600 times per year; while many of those updates slip by almost unnoticed, others have a dramatic effect on site traffic and sales. One such update was the August 1st update, which is now being called the Medic Update.

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Sep 4 2018

What Consumers Crave in the Morning: 4 Breakfast Scenarios

Amanda Chomicz

Breakfast is diminishing in overall importance, with just over 51% of consumers saying it’s the most important meal of the day, down from 55% in 2014.

Still, 92% of consumers claim to eat breakfast on weekdays and convenience is a critical attribute, just behind health in importance. Of those eating breakfast, 12% do so in transit. Breakfasts packaged as ready-to-go meals may be more appealing to the consumer who is interested in healthy, functional food and beverage.

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