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Jul 11 2018

Will Instagram Win the Video Game with IGTV?

Amanda Chomicz

Instagram is the go-to social platform for consumers to see how a product looks or works without leaving their house to sample it themselves. Users follow brand pages and watch the how-to tutorials and trials by their favorite influencers. They can view Stories, swipe up for more information and purchase products without leaving the app. With over one billion users and a massive number of influencers, Instagram sounds like a brand’s dream for product integration, right?

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Jul 3 2018

As Google Streamlines its Ad Products, Partners Gear Up for an Even Bigger Data Battle

Amanda Chomicz

Google is undergoing a major rebranding slated for mid-July, with an emphasis on major.

 AdWords and DoubleClick have been Google’s flagship advertising products for two decades (it’s been 22 years since DoubleClick arrived on the scene). The products debuted with a clear goal: to connect consumers to businesses online, in an easy way. It gave brands a new advertising opportunity: if a consumer was searching for an “out-there” product or service, ads for a relevant or equally “out-there” brand would pop up, giving them what they need in the moment. Suddenly, smaller, emerging brands were given the opportunity to reach their target consumers in a time of need, thus allowing them to grow their business.

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