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May 28 2018

Push Boundaries for Social Media Success

Marlea Clark

One of the first rules of content marketing is to look at what your audience responds to and give them more of it. Likes, clicks, shares, and other metrics are indicators that your content is resonating with your community. But do these metrics lull marketers into a sense of complacency? While there’s nothing wrong with creating content that marketers know their audience will like, it doesn’t necessarily lead to growth.

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May 21 2018

Infographic: Digital Shopping Habits of Men and Women

Marlea Clark

While men and women are sharing more of the shopping responsibilities than ever before, their shopping habits are very different. While women typically plan and research products, men are more likely to be impulse buyers. In our infographic, we look at the differences in how each gender shops so marketers can make smarter decisions when trying to reach them.

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May 14 2018

Health and Wellness Marketing: 3 Ways Tech Will Disrupt Healthcare

Marlea Clark

Increasingly, consumers are taking deliberate steps to live healthy lives. They’re making conscious food choices, exercising more, and getting preventative medical screenings. Technology allows us to track our health through apps and other monitoring devices and communicate digitally with health professionals—in fact, about half of American adults say they are already doing so. Here, we look at how digitally enhanced health care is poised to disrupt the industry and why brands should consider how they will keep up.

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May 7 2018

Infographic: Understanding the Beauty Consumer 2018

Marlea Clark

Experimenting with beauty products is an enjoyable pastime for women regardless of their age, but 69% say they sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of options available. In-store sampling, demonstrations, and other events can help consumers navigate the wide array of products, colors, and formats and better understand what works best for them.  In our infographic, we explore the attitudes and mindset of this consumer to understand the role makeup plays in her life.

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