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Mar 21 2018

Infographic: Inside The Mind of the Millennial Shopper

Ann D'Adamo

Millennial women love to shop. Researchers found that 94% of women 15-35 spend over an hour per day shopping or browsing online—and when they do buy, they are 20% more likely than the average shopper to spend up to 25% more. Although she’s an avid shopper, she’s selective about the brands she buys. In our infographic, you'll learn what (and who) influences her purchases and why brand story matters. 

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Mar 19 2018

Why Brands Have a Millennial Problem

Ann D'Adamo

With plain white labels and undesirable shelf position, generic or store brands used to be considered inferior to those with a household name. But like everything else in retail, times are changing. Today, house brands command 20% of the CPG market, with estimated revenues of $120 billion annually. Improved quality, more contemporary packaging, better retailer marketing, and competitive pricing, new “brandless” brands are changing the way consumers perceive these products.

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Mar 16 2018

Marketing Strategy-6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Social Stance 

Ann D'Adamo

Historically, brands have avoided getting involved in controversial subjects. Politics, religion, sex, and even social issues were avoided at all costs. But that’s changing. Subjects that would have been taboo ten years ago, have been embraced as a way for brands to form meaningful connections with like-minded consumers. Although two-thirds of consumers agree that it’s important for brands to take a public stand on social and political issues, marketers must be careful to engage only on those topics that feel organic and authentic. In other words, don’t take a position just to have one; smart marketers choose when to engage and have a strategy for addressing the issues they feel strongly about. Here are six things to consider before taking a stance on social issues.

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Mar 14 2018

Data-Driven Decision-Making with Amazon Stores

Byron Kerr

In a world where data is king, Amazon continues to open its platform to be more brand-friendly. Last summer, Amazon launched Amazon Store pages to give brands more control over their presence on the platform. Store pages are highly customizable touchpoints, allowing brands to showcase interactive video, images, and static text content, creating a customized brand presence on Amazon. Although Store pages have been available for almost a year, the level of actionable data or insights has been scarce—until now.

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Mar 14 2018

Infographic: How Parents Evaluate and Choose OTC Medications for Kids

Ann D'Adamo

Parents know that colds and coughs are an inevitable part of childhood. Ninety-seven percent of children under 12 experienced some type of short-term illness within the past year. Developing immune systems and close contact in daycare and classrooms, make children more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Parents stock up on OTC medications to alleviate symptoms and help their children feel more comfortable. In our infographic, we explain how parents evaluate OTC remedies, the formats they prefer, and the steps they take to keep their children well.

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Mar 12 2018

Marketing Strategy: Are You A Purchase Brand or Usage Brand?

Ann D'Adamo


As long as consumers have problems, brands will develop solutions to solve them. How marketers position products in the minds of consumers often determines their success. A new study looked at the marketing strategies of traditional, or legacy, brands and compared them to the strategies of emerging digital-first brands and then surveyed consumers to gain insight into brand perception, usage, and advocacy. In doing so, they identified startling differences in how marketing strategies impacted the way consumers viewed the brands. 

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Mar 9 2018

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Launching a Social Media Campaign

Ann D'Adamo

Every brand has a voice on social media, but is it being heard by those consumers who matter most? If you’re not reaching the right consumer, on the right platform, at the right time, there’s little chance of meeting your objectives. Some brands are fighting for their lives with the recent social algorithm changes, so it’s more critical than ever to have a strong strategy that includes measurable goals and tactics for in-campaign optimization. Here, are seven questions our Social Media Senior Director, Jenna Manula, works with clients to fully answer before launching a campaign.

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Mar 7 2018

Infographic: Sephora vs. Ulta Who's Winning E-Commerce?

Ann D'Adamo

While in-store represents the lion’s share of beauty sales, both Ulta and Sephora have made considerable strides in e-commerce. Since 2016, Ulta’s online sales have nearly tripled and Sephora’s have more than doubled. Although online still represents a small share of the overall market, strides in digital beauty sales indicate there’s significant room for growth. In our infographic, we detail the strategies each retailer is taking to win.

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Mar 6 2018

Artist in the House: Jean Bedrosian

Ann D'Adamo

At Women’s Marketing, we’re passionate about growing brands. It’s who we are and what we do. As individuals, we also bring a unique set of talents and perspectives that influence how we creatively approach our work. In addition to working on our SEO team as a Senior Strategist, Jean Bedrosian is also a talented artist whose work was recently selected to be part of the AD ART SHOW at Sotheby’s in New York City. Here, Jean shares her approach to art and how her analytic work at Women’s Marketing is balanced by her creative endeavors.

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Mar 5 2018

Health and Wellness Infographic: Today's Vitamin Consumer

Ann D'Adamo

Consumers agree that taking vitamins and supplements is part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, almost three quarters of all U.S. adults regularly take vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements. Although overall industry growth slowed slightly in 2017, sales still increased by 4% to reach $23.3 billion and are projected to grow at a modest pace through 2022. In our infographic, we look at the opportunities for growth, how consumers shop for supplements, and which products are growing.  

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Mar 2 2018

Infographic: Will 2018 Be The Year Of Online Grocery Shopping?

Ann D'Adamo

Will 2018 be the year that online grocery shopping takes off? After dipping a toe into the water last year, consumers seem ready to make the transition—but only on their terms. In our infographic, earn where the opportunities are, how food and beverage brands can break down barriers, what makes a great online grocery experience, and how to win on Amazon.

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