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Oct 30 2017

Social Media: How to Develop a Video Strategy for Fashion Brands | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Video has the ability to deeply engage consumers and powerfully convey a brand’s message in just a few seconds. Apparel brands have embraced its storytelling ability to introduce their brand to consumers in new and compelling ways. On YouTube alone, all-time views in the  vertical have reached over 118 billion and fashion is the fourth-largest category (after food, beauty, and auto). These videos help to build passionate communities and generate awareness and conversation around brands. Here, we look at the fashion video on YouTube to discover what type of content resonates with fashionistas.

Oct 27 2017

Infographic: Who Is The Luxury Fashion Consumer | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Today’s luxury fashion consumer is sophisticated, digitally savvy, and more selective about the brands she buys. Brands that have historically relied on heritage and exclusivity must now navigate a “new luxury” that includes personalization, technological innovation, and authenticity, while maintaining the traditional expectations of the brand. As luxury marketers develop omnichannel strategies to keep her engaged, it’s essential to understand who she is (female, millennial or Gen X) and how she discovers the products she covets. In our infographic, we take a look at this consumer to discover more about her preferences and behaviors.

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Oct 25 2017

Unlock the Challenger Within: 7 Steps to Disrupting Your Category |WMI

Rich Zeldes

Challenger Brand – A brand that stimulates long-term growth by disrupting the dynamics of an established category or creating an entirely new one

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Oct 23 2017

Infographic: Food and Beverage Brands Can Help Millennial Moms | WMI 

Ann D'Adamo

More than half of all moms agree that cooking for their family can be stressful. Whether it’s dealing with a finicky eater or worrying about allergies, parents have a lot on their plate. In our infographic, we explore the concerns moms face, who makes the decisions about brands, and the top ten reasons they switch brands.

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Oct 20 2017

A Portrait of the Millennial Luxury Consumer | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Although Millennials may have less disposable income than the generations preceding them, simply profiling this consumer by income may not be the best strategy. While their predecessors may have been status seekers, Millennials view luxury differently. Quite simply, Millennials don’t buy luxury goods to impress others, they buy premium products because they believe they are better. Researchers found that today’s luxury retail consumer tends to be younger, urban, and well-informed about the brands she buys. Discover how this consumer learns about luxury brands, when she’s most apt to buy, and the influencers that matter most.

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Oct 18 2017

Infographic: Beauty Brands, Social Media & Influencer Marketing | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Beauty consumers have formed passionate communities on YouTube. Second only to food, beauty content has generated 222 billion total views and has grown by 65% from 2016 to 2017 as more consumers turn to social video to learn about the latest trends, connect with their favorite influencers, and discover the most innovative products. In our infographic we look at how beauty brands and social media influencers are growing the beauty video category, how influencer marketing is impacting brands, and what type of content performs best on YouTube.

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Oct 17 2017

Consumer Research: Scaring Up Shoppers for Halloween 2017

Ann D'Adamo

Halloween is the kickoff to the holiday season, offering retailers a glimpse what’s to come for the remainder of the year. If consumers are ghosting retailers in October, it’s likely that they won’t be in the spirit come December either. By all accounts, Halloween 2017 is shaping up to be spooktacular for retailers and brands, with consumer spending expected to reach a record $9.1 billion, up from $8.4 billion last year. Here’s research into how consumers are spending for the holiday:

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Oct 16 2017

Beauty Marketing: Are Supplements Beauty's Next Big Boom? | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Nutritional supplements were designed to help consumers fill in the gaps when their regular diet fell short. But today, consumers are looking for supplements than offer benefits beyond basic vitamin A, B, or C.  There’s been an explosion of designer supplements with clever names and Instagram-worthy packaging that promise healthier hair, stronger nails, or glowing skin—a “supplements” query in the search bar at Sephora.com yields 96 products. Whether it’s drinkable collagen or algae-filled capsules, the emerging nutricosmetics industry is anticipated to become a $7.4 billion industry as inside-out beauty reaches the masses.

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Oct 13 2017

Infographic: Food and Beverage Marketing Trends in Protein | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Food and beverage marketing trends come and go, but the protein trend is here to stay. More than a third of U.S. households say they follow a specific protein-focused diet and half of all Americans eat protein at every meal. In our infographic, you'll discover the top protein sources, why consumers are looking for more plant-based proteins, and where the growth is in the marketplace.

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Oct 11 2017

Infographic: Email to Bots, Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Good communication between brands and consumers is critical, but there’s a fine line between informative and intrusive. Understanding what marketing messages consumers believe are most important as well as knowing when and how they want to be messaged is key. In our infographic, we reveal the trends in how consumers say they want to hear from brands and what they think about emerging bot and voice technologies.

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Oct 9 2017

How Millennial Beauty Consumers Are Reinventing Anti-Aging | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

In August, Allure’s editor in chief, Michelle Lee, announced that the term “anti-aging” would be banned from the publication. Lee believes that the term reinforces the message that aging is something women need to battle and, by changing the way we talk about aging, we’ll change the perceptions around it.

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Oct 5 2017

Infographic: Marketing Organic Food and Beverage | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

In the last year, 88% of American households purchased organic food and beverages, a trend that continues to gain momentum as consumers look for healthier foods and groceries with fewer, more natural ingredients. Although organics account for a smaller share of the overall grocery market, as more organic products become available and accessible to consumers the market is predicted to grow. In our infographic, we explore how consumers are shopping for organic groceries, where they're buying them, and what would encourage them to buy more.

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Oct 4 2017

Amazon: Why Fashion Brands Need to Join the Party | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Amazon is predicted to become the U.S.’s biggest apparel retailer, surpassing Macy’s, by the end of this year.  In 2017, apparel sales on the platform climbed 30%; in addition, Amazon launched more than a dozen private label brands, introduced Prime Wardrobe, debuted the Echo Look—and they’re just getting started. Meanwhile, traditional retailers continue to struggle, relying on discounting to drive consumers into stores and online shops. 

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Oct 3 2017

Infographic: Holiday 2017 Online and In Store Sales | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Consumers are increasingly turning to online retailers for their holiday shopping needs—this year 42% of consumers will spend about half of their holiday budget online, up from 38% last year. Although consumers may be spending more online, physical retail stores still play an important role. Understanding when consumers are shopping online and what they’re looking for in-store will be critical for marketersIn our infographic, we explore where consumers will be shopping (and when) and the little extras that draw them into retail stores. 

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Oct 2 2017

Infographic: Marketing to Moms Women's Concerns During Pregnancy | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Even before Google, pregnancy must have been one of the most-researched events in a woman's life; it's a time defined by change and growth. But understanding how today's mothers feel about pregnancy and getting a sense of their worries, concerns, and questions can help brands serve this community better. In our infographic, we reveal how women feel during pregnancy, their concerns, and how marketers can reach them through innovative digital marketing.

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