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Jul 31 2017

Reinventing Retail: How Retailers Can Surprise, Delight, and Succeed | WMI

Rich Zeldes

I recently had an in-depth conversation with Brendan Witcher, principal analyst, digital business strategy at leading global research and advisory firm Forrester, about the outlook for retail, which, as we’ve all heard, appears rather bleak. This year alone, 5,300 stores have closed, up 218% year-over-year, with no slowdown in sight. Analysts predict that store closings in 2017 will exceed the record high number of closures in 2008 at the start of the Great Recession.

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Jul 28 2017

Millennials Discover Coupons’ Redeeming Qualities | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Thrifty shoppers have long relied on coupons to save money, but Millennials are increasingly overtaking Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers in coupon use. Among Millennials, 94% say they use coupons, up from 88% in 2016, while coupon use among Generation X and Boomers fell slightly over the past year, to 90% and 89% respectively. Millennials’ desire to save money extends to their social media use—56% say they follow brands to gain early access to deals and savings.

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Jul 26 2017

Infographic: The Beauty of  E-Commerce | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

In 2016, Amazon reported $4.7 billion in health and personal care sales and $2.5 billion in beauty sales, a year-over-year increase of 35% and 47% respectively. Ulta boasted a 71% jump in online sales during the first quarter of 2017 and Sephora boasted a 150% growth in mobile shopping in the past year. By all accounts, shoppers are increasingly comfortable buying beauty online. In our infographic, we reveal why understanding the new consumer journey is essential as marketers develop strategies to engage online beauty shoppers.

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Jul 24 2017

Why Athletic Footwear Brands Stepped Up Their Game | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Have Nike and Adidas supplanted Choo and Louboutin as the footwear of choice for the sartorially savvy? Thanks to the casualization of the workplace and the loosening of office dress codes, sneakers have become much more than weekend wear for both men and women—they’ve become status symbols. Celebrity collaborations and athlete endorsements have continued to lend cachet to brands and a new wave of sneaker culture is evolving as the latest manifestation of the athleisure trend.

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Jul 21 2017

Infographic: Why the Consumer/Brand Emotional Connection Matters | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

When deciding among brands, 65% of consumers say they are more likely to choose a brand they feel emotionally connected to. This connection goes beyond producing products that people like, the connection comes from feeling that the company cares about people like them. Nurturing these feelings with your consumers create a lasting relationship and build a lifelong affinity for your brand. In our infographic, we illustrate why consumers feel emotionally connected to brands and how brands marketing to women can engage them through emotion. 

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Jul 19 2017

Why Content is Critical for Health and Wellness Brands | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Increasingly, consumers are consulting Dr. Google to learn more about their own health conditions or research treatments for a loved one. Seventy-two percent of American adults say they have researched health information online and 77% say they begin their research with a search engine. Understanding how consumers are looking for answers to their most pressing medical questions offers health marketers they key to capturing their attention and engaging with them. Creating compelling and relevant content, optimizing for search, and amplifying the content on social media are essential tools for health and wellness marketers.

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Jul 17 2017

Infographic: Back-to-School Trends 2017 | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Back-to-school continues to be a strong season for retailers. In 2016, consumers spent lamost $76 billion on school supplies, apparel, electronics, and dorm furnishings and early signs indicate that back-to-school spending will increase 4% in 2017. Although 46% of parents say they will purchase some supplies online (back-to-school e-commerce is expected to grow 14.8%, roughly even with last year’s 14.9%) 76% of moms say they still prefer to do most of their back-to-school shopping in store to better evaluate products and enjoy the tradition of shopping for back-to-school items with their children. In our infographic, we explore how consumers shop, how much consumers intend to spend on back to school, what moms will be buying, and where they plan to buy it!

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Jul 14 2017

What Consumers Love (and Hate) About Retail Stores | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Online shopping has never been easier, just a few taps on your mobile phone and you can have almost anything delivered to your doorstep. While consumers appreciate its convenience, online shopping has yet to fully replicate the sensory aspects of the retail experience. Seventy-two percent of Americans cite the ability to touch, feel, and try on products as a top reason for shopping in-store and 77% of women say it’s the primary reason they shop in-store instead of online. In fact, 68% of all apparel and footwear items are still purchased in-store. But the shopping experience goes beyond simply touching and trying on clothes—atmosphere, the joy of discovery, and a human touch all play an important role in keeping customers coming back.

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Jul 12 2017

Infographic: Americans Are Going Bananas For Fruit | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Sales of fruit continue to grow as Americans seek healthier snacks. Although summer is the perfect season to bite into a sweet tree-ripened peach or juicy slice of watermelon, there’s an abundance of fresh fruit available all year long. Still, consumers worry they aren’t getting enough fruit in their diet. In our infographic, we explore the many ways Americans are snacking on fruit, why Millennial women are the biggest fruit buyers, and what consumers think of the great GMO debate.

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Jul 11 2017

Amazon Marketing Techniques: A+ Enhanced Content

Ann D'Adamo

There’s no question that Amazon’s disruptive effect on retail is impacting every category. From beauty to health and wellness, marketers are scrambling to learn how they can optimize their Amazon marketing techniques for product discovery. One way marketers can help their products to stand out from the competition is through smart Amazon content marketing. Amazon’s A+ detail pages offer marketers the ability to tell a relevant and compelling story about their brand. Why take the time to build A+ enhanced marketing content pages? They can increase sales by an average of 3-10%, educate consumers about your product and brand, and improve search results on Amazon.

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Jul 10 2017

Infographic: How Marketers Use Influencer Content | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Marketers agree that influencer marketing helps to spread awareness and introduces their brand to a targeted and highly engaged audience. In fact, almost one-third of marketers say influencers are an essential part of their marketing strategy. Beyond awareness, the content influencers create helps overall marketing efforts, contributes to SEO, and inspires sales. In our infographic, learn what marketers are saying about influencer marketing and how they’ve been successful.

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Jul 7 2017

Infographic: Americans Are Hungry for Recipes | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Across America, consumers are dining out more often and frequently replacing meals with snacks. But low food prices, a cornucopia of cooking-related content, and a more healthful approach to eating is inspiring home cooks across the nation. In fact, 45% of Americans consider themselves "cooking enthusiasts." Food brands have an opportunity to engage home cooks of all ages and genders with recipes, cooking tips and techniques, and entertaining ideas that make it easier for them to discover your brand. In our infographic, we look at how cooking enthusiasts get fired up about brands.

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Jul 5 2017

International SEO: Crucial for Global Success, But Most Brands Are Doing It Wrong | WMI

Lily Ray and Eliza Herring

Has your brand thought about implementing an international SEO strategy? (Did you even know that a separate process exists for addressing international SEO concerns?) Here are 3 ways to know if doing international SEO is necessary for your company:  

Jul 3 2017