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Jan 29 2016

Marketing to GenY and GenZ Demographics Infographic | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

This could be the match of the century as marketers battle for the attention of these two influential demographics—it's the "Me Generation" Millennials vs. the "We Generation" Centennials. Take a look at how these two contenders stack up! Will your brand reach these enigmatic consumers? Women's Marketing is a leader in media strategy, planning, and buying across all forms of media. Reach out today to learn how we can help you reach your target audience and build your brand. 

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Jan 27 2016

What Indie Fashion Designers Can Learn From Megabrands on Instagram | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

 It’s fair to say that Instagram, the image-driven social platform, and fashion brands are a match made in heaven. Beautiful, editorially inspired product shots, glamorous red-carpet photos of celebrities adorned in their latest frocks, and runway video that gives Fashionistas a front-row seat at the shows drive engagement on the feeds of Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Victoria’s Secret. Athleisure giants Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour offer #fitspo and tap into the popularity of athletes. Meanwhile, retailers such as Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters curate lifestyle-oriented product shots alongside sale announcements. These approaches to innovative storytelling give megabrands an ability to learn what drives engagement with their followers and extend their reach, but do those same tactics work for independent fashion designers? Let’s look at some ways emerging designers can make Instagram work for them.

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Jan 26 2016

Personalized Video Delivers for Brands | WMI

Rich Zeldes

Today it’s essential for marketers to create a real, interactive, and personalized dialogue with their customers—wherever and whenever they’re ready to listen and respond. Although social media has expanded a brand’s reach, one channel has become increasingly important—video. As consumers increasingly spend time viewing digital video, marketers are following.

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Jan 25 2016

Seniors and Health Infographic | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Although Millennials have been on the minds of marketers, they shouldn't forget about seniors. Baby Boomers still represent a large segment of the American population and significant spending power. In 2015, the 75 million U.S. Baby Boomers represented 39% of total income dollars and 34% of net worth. Although they are aging, this generation intends to remain young at heart! This infographic looks at their approach to longevity and how it's creating marketing opportunities for health and wellness brandsFor more digital marketing news, sign up for our newsletter or reach out to Women's Marketing to learn how we can help you effectively reach your target customers.

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Jan 22 2016

New Dietary Guidelines Offers Opportunity for Food Brand | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Earlier this month, the federal government announced new dietary guidelines that urge Americans to cut back on added sugars, encourage more fruit and vegetable consumption, and suggest that men and teenage boys may, in fact, be eating too much protein. While these guidelines are not groundbreaking, they are significant for brands because they affect the foods chosen for school breakfast and lunch and other national food assistance programs. And, as consumers are increasingly becoming more educated about ingredients and provenance of their food, the new dietary recommendations are an opportunity for food retailers to remind consumers of their health and wellness offerings and commitment to supporting shoppers’ dietary efforts.

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Jan 21 2016

Marketing Opportunities for Skin Care Brands | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Today, women feel more pressure to look youthful than ever before. In fact, a recent survey found that 83% of women worldwide believe there are higher standards of beauty than there were in the past. Although movements that celebrate real beauty instead of airbrushed images have been lauded for their authenticity and appreciation of a diverse scope of beauty, women are still feeling pressure at an ever younger age to maintain their youthful appearance—over half of women 16-34 say they started thinking about aging and preserving their looks before the age of 30, nearly ten years sooner than women over the age of 35. Because these younger consumers are highly invested in the category—another report finds that women 18-34 are the heaviest buyers of skin care and cosmetics—and 76% of women believe that using the right beauty products can help them to look youthful longer, skin care brands can be optimistic about marketing to them.

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Jan 18 2016

Infographic: The Fashion Forward Latina | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Latina women are often referred to as fashion-forward, setting trends instead of following them. Research shows they adopt new styles earlier and are more likely to purchase at the beginning of the season. Spending an estimated $30 billion on apparel and accessories, they are already a dominant force shaping the industry and as the Hispanic demographic continues to grow (Latinas are expected to become 30% of the total U.S. female population by 2060), they will become increasingly powerful economically. Contact Women's Marketing today to learn how your brand can best reach Latina women. 

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Jan 15 2016

Superfood Sunday | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

With millions of women tuning into the big game, we know that they love football, but they might just love spicy chicken wings a little bit more! Our infographic offers brands insight into the most-searched recipes leading up to the Super Bowl and what Americans will be nibbling at kickoff. While a commercial during the big game may be beyond your brand’s budget, marketers can still enjoy a boost in engagement by strategically targeting consumers before, during, and after major events. Learn how Women’s Marketing, an integrated media planning agency, can help your brand score in 2016.

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Jan 13 2016

New Guidelines for Native Advertising | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

On December 22, 2015, the Federal Trade Commission issued tougher guidelines on native advertising to ensure that publishers, advertisers, and brands are clearly labeling paid digital editorial content as advertising. Their goal in establishing the new guidelines is to clearly differentiate paid content from editorial. Previously, native ads—or branded content—could have a similar look and feel to the publisher’s own content. The FTC believes this caused confusion among readers about what was sponsored content, often ambiguously embedded into entertainment programming or user generated videos on social media.

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Jan 11 2016

The Impact of Motherhood | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

A recent study found that among the almost 2 billion moms worldwide, 50% felt that marketers don’t understand them! Brands can do a better job of reaching these highly influential consumers by empathizing with them, empowering them, and speaking to them in an authentic way. Our infographic, Understanding the Emotional Impact of Motherhood, dives into the complex emotional life of moms so brands can better understand how to relate to them.

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Jan 8 2016

Challenges at Retail | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

During the recession, Americans severely cut back on discretionary spending. Fast forward eight years, the economy has largely recovered, but consumers haven’t reverted to their pre-recession consumption habits. According to a recent study, 40% of women said they cut back on shopping because they realized they simply didn’t need “all that stuff.” But that doesn’t mean that consumers have stopped spending, rather, they’re more discerning about the products they’ll buy. Marketers now need to demonstrate how their products will enhance consumers’ lives and why they need them. Women’s Marketing takes a look at the challenges retailers face and the opportunities to innovate retail experience.

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Jan 6 2016

Super Natural Beauty Infographic | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

As women become more aware of the potential side effects of chemicals in their beauty products, they are checking labels and more discriminating about what they will put on their skin. In our infographic, we explore why women are increasingly selecting organic and natural bath products and cosmetics and the impact this will have on beauty brands. Is your brand keeping up on the latest industry trends? Our suite of research and marketing services provides marketers with insight into emerging consumer trends and behavior. Learn how to market to women by calling us today for a consultation, or sign up for our newsletter, for the latest news on your key consumer.

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Jan 4 2016

Consumers Don’t Waffle on Breakfast for Dinner Trend | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

We have brunch, a mashup of breakfast and lunch, so why not “brinner.” a.k.a., “breakfast for dinner”? According to new research, the majority of Americans are embracing “brinner” already—nine out of ten say they eat breakfast for dinner, with more than half of respondents enjoying breakfast foods for an evening meal once a month or more and nearly 25% doing so once a week!

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