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Sep 30 2015

The Millennial Approach to Health & Wellness: 10 Amazing Facts

Ann D'Adamo

The Millennial generation is reaching a tipping point—at 84.6 million strong, they are now the largest living generation. And with $1.4 trillion in spending power, they’re just entering their prime consumption years. Because of this power, Millennials are on brands’ radar. The catch is that traditional marketing tends to fall flat with this audience, which has evolved so differently than either Gen X or the Boomers before them.

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Sep 28 2015

Beauty for All Seasons | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Did you know that searches for makeup tutorial videos spike during October? Halloween-related videos account for 57% of seasonal makeup tutorial video views. With that in mind, seasonal beauty trends provide a unique opportunity to connect with consumers and showcase products during prime search time. Women’s Marketing looked at the key calendar months for beauty-related searches to better understand how brands can maximize their marketing to engage consumers where, and when, it’s most effective.

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Sep 25 2015

Meet the Millennials | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Millennials don’t play by the rules—and that’s changing the way the marketing game is played. But thinking that all Millennials are the same is a mistake, there are very distinct personas within the demographic. Our infographic dives into the preferences of each Millennial persona and provides valuable insights for marketers. Are you successfully reaching Millennial consumers? Contact Women’s Marketing to tap into our expertise and develop a media plan that reaches your core consumer when, and where, she’s most receptive to your message.

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Sep 24 2015

The Decline of the “It” Bag | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

The contemporary handbag market hasn’t had a good year. Major brands are reporting a decline in sales across all price points and luxury brands are hurting as much as mid-tier players. Accessories and handbags in particular, had been a way to convey social status, lure new consumers, and create brand loyalists, but that’s changing and brands need to understand why. Women’s Marketing provides insights into what happened to the “it” bag.

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Sep 21 2015

Hispanic Grocery Shopper | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

This growing demographic is catching the attention of marketers and there’s a good reason why—Hispanic families spend an average of $360 per month on groceries and cook at home more often than the average American family. As more brands reach out to Hispanic women, marketers will need to understand what motivates them to buy. Is your brand reaching your core consumer? Contact Women’s Marketing for an insightful review of your media and marketing strategy.

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Sep 18 2015

The Eco-Conscious Consumer | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

The Eco-Conscious woman has made a commitment to a wellness lifestyle and she’s passionate about brands that support causes that are important to her. Visit our Persona Project to understand her purchasing priorities or read our white paper, “Wellness is the New Black” to learn how the wellness lifestyle is seeping into all areas of consumer life. Is your brand ready to market to the health conscious consumer? Contact Women’s Marketing to tap into our expertise and develop a media plan that reaches her when, and where, she’s most receptive to your message.

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Sep 16 2015

Trends from New York Fashion Week | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

The last model hasn’t even strutted down the runway, but we’re already seeing some trends emerging from New York’s current Fashion Week. Perhaps the most important takeaway is the name itself: officially billed as “New York Fashion Week: The Shows,” inferring that these aren’t exclusively events for the press or buyers—they are “shows.” This is fashion-as-entertainment for everyone! Reimagined by entertainment and sports management powerhouse WME/IMG, and the investment firm Silver Lake Partners, the Fashion Week brand now reaches 13 countries and millions of fashionistas around the globe.

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Sep 14 2015

The Super Beauty Consumer | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

The Super Beauty is highly engaged in beauty content, from how-to hair styling videos to make-up tutorials, she is obsessed with the latest tricks and tips to look her best. Visit our Persona Project to better understand how she discovers new beauty products and shares her passion for cosmetics with her friends, then contact Women’s Marketing to learn how we can leverage our expertise in beauty marketing to develop a comprehensive media plan that reaches her across every touchpoint.

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Sep 11 2015

What Hair Care Brands Are Doing Right And Wrong | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Hair care represents the third-largest segment in the beauty marketplace; yet it’s just seventh in terms of online sales volume. Why? While analysts speculate that the higher-than-average ship-to weight ratio may be a handicap, they’ve also found that, for many brands, the lack of a well-developed multi-channel digital approach may be tangling sales.

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Sep 9 2015

Understanding the Fashionista | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

The Fashionista influences and inspires everyone around her with her cutting-edge style. She flips through magazines and follows her favorite bloggers on social media to discover the latest trends, then uses her smartphone to browse her favorite brands before heading to the store to shop. Visit our Personas Project to better understand this fashion-obsessed consumer and contact Women’s Marketing to learn how we can help you develop a comprehensive media plan that reaches her across all touchpoints.

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Sep 8 2015

Marketing to Millennial Moms | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

This Millennial mom is tech-savvy, economical and nurturing. In a life filled with buzz and motion, she embodies the traditional with a completely modern soul. Understanding her values and priorities is key to winning the loyalty of this highly discerning consumer. Visit our Personas Project and watch this video to see Women’s Marketing CEO, Andrea Van Dam, interview two Millennial Moms about their media habits, favorite brands, and non-stop lifestyles. Contact Women’s Marketing to learn how your brand can target your core demographic and reach her when she’s most receptive to your message.

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Sep 4 2015

Millennial Exercise Trends | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

More than any generation in recent history, Millennials are characterized by their interest in living a healthy lifestyle. We see it in falling obesity rates, in a deep interest in choosing what they perceive as “better” foods for their families, and even in their workouts. Prior generations may have exercised in traditional gyms, but the monotony of the treadmill or stair climber doesn’t appeal to the adventurous Millennial. They are avoiding exercise boredom with endurance challenges that push them to excel or small boutique-style fitness classes that offer variety and personalized service.

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Sep 3 2015

5 Steps to Winning Micro-Moments | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Whether they’re at home searching for the best lash-lengthening mascara, in a department store looking for the coolest boots for fall, or at the grocery store deciding which granola bar is the healthiest for their kids, women are using smartphones to make buying decisions. This provides brands with an opportunity to connect with consumers like never before and present their products at the moment of interest. How can your brand win in those “I want-to-know,” “I-want-to-go,” “I-want-to-do” micro-moments? Women’s Marketing offers five steps to successfully tapping into these I want-to-buy opportunities.

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Sep 2 2015

What’s A Micro-Moment? | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

The idea used to be that consumers would spend hours in front of their desktop researching their next major purchase, vacation, or reading the news. Now, this is done in micro-moments. At the moment of interest, consumers can simply tap—or speak—into their smartphone and the information is delivered in seconds. In an instant, decisions are made and opinions are swayed.

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