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Jun 30 2015

Shopping For Skincare

Ann D'Adamo

Female Buying Behavior of Beauty and Skincare Products

Women are faced with an infinite number of choices when it comes to buying beauty and skincare products. The spectrum of cosmetics and personal care products ranges from affordable options at mass market to pricier specialty retailers and department stores. Our infographic illustrates how women shop for skincare products, what claims get them to notice brands, and how much they’re spending on beauty. Learn how you can establish your brand as a standout in a competitive marketplace—contact Women’s Marketing today for a comprehensive media consultation.

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Jun 29 2015

Breakfast Food Trends

Ann D'Adamo

Breakfast may still be the most important meal of the day, but our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles and constant pressure to squeeze more out of every moment has impacted our ability to stop and smell the coffee. While Americans are still eating breakfast, we’re eating much differently than we were just five years ago. Women’s Marketing takes a look at the changing retail landscape in the food and beverage industry and identifies the opportunities and trends in the breakfast food marketplace.

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Jun 25 2015

Opportunities in the Vitamin and Supplement Industry | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Contrary to popular perception, interest in products for healthy aging isn’t exclusive to Baby Boomers and older consumers. In the U.S., younger generations—including Millennials—are taking a proactive interest in their health and are increasingly driving sales in the health and wellness industry, boosting sales in the supplements, vitamins, and preventive care categories.

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Jun 24 2015

Dairy Industry Trends and the Female Consumer | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Stay On Top of Moo-ving Dairy Market Trends

Consumers are increasingly reaching for different types of milk to enjoy with their cookies! While dairy industry trends still show milk leading the category, alternative milks such as almond, soy, and rice milk are gaining in popularity. Women’s Marketing analyzed the category to learn what dairy trends are moo-ving in the market. With a deep understanding of the woman’s path-to-purchase, Women’s Marketing takes a holistic approach to reach them throughout their day, ensuring that your brand’s message reaches them when, and where, they are most receptive. Contact us today to learn how we can find your brand’s ideal target market and effectively make your brand front-and-center in her world.

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Jun 23 2015

ICMAD: A Valuable Resource for Emerging Beauty Brands | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Many people perceive the beauty business as glamourous, but it is still a business with very specific regulatory and legal challenges. Large corporations have teams of experts in place to manage these issues, but emerging brands often have to navigate these concerns independently. Entrepreneurs can spend days trying to untangle complex supply chain issues, understand import/export regulations, and attempt to stay on top of beauty industry trends –all while handling product development, marketing, and accounting.

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Jun 18 2015

Mobile Retail Playbook | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Mobile is Trending

When marketing to women, brands require a deep understanding of their shopping patterns and expert knowledge of female consumer behavior. Today, women are using smartphones to change the retail landscape—from in-store showrooming to seeking advice from friends on social media, mobile retail trends are changing. In our New Mobile Retail Playbook infographic, Women’s Marketing provides an in-depth look into how women shop and their path-to-purchase.

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Jun 17 2015

Mobile Purchasing: 5 Ways eTailers Can Increase the Buying Experience | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

It’s safe to say that women love their mobile phones—in one survey 94% of women say that they keep their phones at arm’s reach and use them to surf even when they’re home and have access to more powerful devices, such as laptops and PCs.

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Jun 16 2015

Rocking Festival Style – Infographic | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Designer Fashion Brands Take Full Advantage of the Summer Music Scene

Summer music festivals have turned into impromptu catwalks for top fashion brands. Designers are launching new collections inspired by their free-spirited style and retailers are creating interactive experiences that use the energy of the festivals to build relationships with consumers. Women’s Marketing finds unique opportunities for brands to connect with women consumers at the moments that are the most meaningful to them. Contact us to learn how we can develop a strategic media plan that will rock your brand.

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Jun 11 2015

4 Beauty Industry Trends to help Grow Your Brand | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

After years of steady growth, sales in the nail color category have slowly started to lose their luster. The cyclical nature of beauty industry trends and growing impact of the salon market have chipped away at the category, resulting in a 5% decline in 2014. But that doesn’t mean the nail care category has gone the way of the Mani Cam. Opportunities still exist in this nearly $2 billon arena for brands and retailers to offer women ways to simplify nail care and address concerns about nail health and ingredient safety.

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Jun 10 2015

Women’s Attitude Towards Weight Loss-Infographic | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Targeted Marketing Efforts are a must in Today’s Competitive Wellness Industry

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Jun 9 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Just Proved That Magazine Ads Still Matter | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Last week, a magazine almost broke the internet…again. And that’s big news! Vanity Fair’s cover story featuring a corseted Caitlyn Jenner dominated almost every conversation across all forms of media—just as Kim Kardashian did on Paper magazine’s cover late last year. While Jenner’s coming out was a watershed moment for transgender visibility, it was also an opportunity for the publishing industry to once again demonstrate the benefits of magazine advertising.

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Jun 5 2015

Brand Influencer Marketing Shapes the Future of Retail | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Research from Texas A&M Center for Retail Studies found that a new and highly influential segment of shoppers has the ability to sway consumer opinion and motivate purchase decisions. The study—across 1,300 consumers—found that “Brand Mavens” are the most loyal and visible consumers who drive the brand’s conversation and influence purchasing decisions through social media, brand-specific mobile apps, and engagement on brand websites. As mobile shopping becomes more pervasive, Brand Mavens, bloggers, and other respected social influencers will be core to the success of every consumer-facing brand.

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Jun 4 2015

NewFronts 2015 Overview | WMI

Elissa B.

By Elissa Brown
Since they started in 2008, the NewFronts presentations offer digital content providers an opportunity to pitch advertisers and brands on their ever-growing content platform. Like the television networks’ famous UpFronts, these events are splashy, celebrity-filled, and jam-packed with exclusive announcements and new advertising solutions. Our intrepid media team packed in as many events as possible at NewFronts 2015 to discover how we can provide cutting-edge, attention-getting, and above all, relevant media opportunities for our clients.

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Jun 3 2015

2015 Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

What women’s summer fashion trends are in style?

What’s hot and what’s not in spring and summer fashion trends? The results are in! Our infographic illustrates the top trends according to Google’s analysis of search demand patterns. Women’s Marketing looks at consumer fashion trends and analytics to get the perfect media fit for each client. Contact us today to discover the right-size media plan for your brand.

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Jun 2 2015

Women and Online Shopping | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Big and getting bigger: Online sales reached an estimated $301 billion in 2014 and research indicates that online shopping may quadruple by 2019. Analysts believe this dramatic rise will come from an increase in smartphone ownership and a shift in purchasing patterns as women experience the benefits of online shopping. For example, women who currently purchase shoes or clothing online will become more comfortable purchasing household goods and other necessities online.

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