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May 27 2015
May 26 2015

Social Media Marketing in Beauty Product Development | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Want to know what women desire in their beauty products? The answer is surprisingly simple—ask them! Until recently, brands spent countless hours and millions of dollars in development and marketing–only to find their products ignored and money wasted. Today, through social media marketing, brands have a unique opportunity to communicate directly with their current customers to develop products that sell, and the audience becomes true product “co-creators.” Co-creation marketing is a way to make products more appealing and engage your consumer at the same time.

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May 18 2015

Snacking Habits of American Adults | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

What are the snacking habits of American adults?

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May 15 2015

Sun Care Market Trends Demand Innovation | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

As summer approaches, the seasonal sun protection category begins to heat up. But the classic sunscreen market is suffering from a slow burn—a blurring line between skin care and sun care and concerns about the safety of ingredients are challenging traditional sun protection brands. Women’s Marketing’s analysis of the sunscreen and sunless tanning category found that sales declined nearly 3% in 2013, with only modest improvement in 2014. Analysts predict future growth to be slow, forecasting only gradual gains of 7% by 2019. But it’s not all bad news—demand for natural sun protection and a universal desire for anti-aging skincare products are driving innovation.

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May 13 2015

Athleisure Trend | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Athletic apparel has become part of women’s everyday wardrobe. Women are wearing yoga pants to run errands, shop, and even when dining out! Our athleisure boot camp infographic explores the sporty-chic trends women want.

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May 12 2015

Athleisure Is Winning the Lifestyle Marketing Game | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Is your apparel brand getting a workout? Growth in the fitness market is being driven by a universal movement toward a more casual style. Even clothing retailers grounded in other categories are expanding their lines to include sport-casual pieces to take advantage of the “athleisure” and lifestyle marketing trend that’s winning with consumers. In 2014, active wear sales equaled $33.7 billion, representing 16% of the $206.3 billion in apparel sales. And it seems that it’s not only fitness enthusiasts that are hyping this trend, 38% of consumers surveyed said they purchased workout gear as casual daywear.

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May 6 2015

Values and Purchasing Priorities of Millennial Moms | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Mother’s Day is almost here! What does mom really want? Brands that offer great value, products that are healthy and safe, and marketing that understands what’s important to her at this stage of her life.

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May 5 2015

5 Ways Luxury Fashion Brands Can Market to Millennials | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Ask a twenty-something woman to tell you about her favorite luxury brands and you may be surprised at her answer. Millennial women are more interested in substance, craftsmanship and quality than a brand name, high price tag or status object. But that doesn’t mean they’re eschewing luxury brands in favor of purely practical items—their desire for well-made, unique items make them natural luxury lovers. Instead of following the latest trend, Millennial women want brands to prove that their products are worth the price and not rely on mystique alone.

While this can be a challenge for luxury brands, it also represents a huge opportunity. A desire for quality and a link to the authenticity that heritage brands provide makes luxury marketers uniquely positioned to capture the loyalty of the female Millennial luxury customer.

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May 4 2015