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Apr 29 2015
Apr 28 2015

Millennial Moms as Food and Beverage Consumers | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Food culture has exploded in recent years. As evidenced by the number of websites, blogs and social posts dedicated to culinary pursuits, it’s clear that today’s consumer cares about food more than ever. But that interest is not limited to artisanal pickles and homemade jam, Millennial consumers, particularly moms, are redefining the way they shop and cook for their families. Below is a snapshot of the Millennial Mom’s attitude towards food, grocery shopping, and what this means for your brand.

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Apr 22 2015
Apr 21 2015

4 Steps to Successful Mobile Media Marketing | WMI

Liz OShaughnessy

Just one week after eMarketer dubbed 2015 as “The Year of Mobile” the Mobile Marketing Association kicked off their 2015 Forum in New York. With mobile usage booming and analytics slow to keep up, brands are often falling into the trap, as Charlie Kordes of SafeAuto explained, where they “think everything will work the same across platforms.” If it works on desktop it will work on mobile, right? Wrong. The female consumer interacts with her devices differently and for different purposes, therefore she wants, and expects, different experiences tailored to the respective platform.

All Digital is Not Created Equal

Brands know that they need to lead with mobile media marketing, but all too often do so by simply extending digital across all platforms with the same key performance indicators (KPIs). What we’re trying to say is that all digital is not created equal, and lucky for you, we’ve prepared some top ways to avoid getting stuck in the trap.

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Apr 15 2015

Empower Me: How to Market to Women | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

After decades of advertising that relied on perpetuating stereotypes, marketers are finally tapping into what women really want to hear – messages that uplift and empower them. Now that women represent $7 trillion in consumer spending in the US and make or influence 95% of all purchasing decisions, marketers would be wise to listen to what they have to say. 

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Apr 14 2015

How to Market to Women & Win the Female Consumer | WMI

Kerri Krom

By Kerri Krom, Women's Marketing Research Director & Ann D'Adamo, Senior Marketing Manager

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. That proverb is particularly true when marketing to women. Messaging that comes across as trite or perpetuates outdated or negative stereotypes will instantly turn her off – and away from your brand. Equally important are corporate policies that align with her values – research shows that women want to feel good about the products they buy and companies they support.

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Apr 8 2015

The Skinny on the Denim Market– Infographic | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

How to Find your Ideal Consumer in the Denim Market

While some are predicting that the market for jeans is fading, research reveals the denim market is still strong and will remain so for brands that are front-loading the innovation pipeline. Providing fresh, trend-driven styles, exciting in-store experiences, and taking a targeted media approach to find your target market will keep your brand top-of-mind when women are shopping for bottoms. Download this informative infographic here.

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Apr 7 2015

The Right Fit: Reaching Female Denim Consumers | WMI

Ann D'Adamo

Activewear has taken a bite out of the denim market, but the jeans industry isn’t singing the blues – they’re fighting back with innovative treatments and marketing tactics that are capturing a new customer. From print to digital, the opportunities to reach and appeal to today’s denim consumer and find your target market are plentiful. The experts at Women’s Marketing, Inc. share their insights on how to find your ideal consumer and grow your brand.

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