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Mar 31 2015

Exercise and Diet Trends - Refine Brand Strategy | WMI

Julie Wolvek

Although health and wellness enthusiasts are migrating away from traditional diet plans, advertising around these products still influences consumer purchases. Advertising efforts that recognize that a brand message strategy around the struggles behind losing weight are more effective than promoting unrealistic expectations.

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Mar 25 2015

Women's Shopping Habits in the Shoe Industry | WMI

Kerri Krom

Women's is the largest and fastest-growing segment of the shoe industry. Now it is more important than ever to zero in on women's shopping habits. As online footwear retailers have proliferated, consumers are exposed to a wider-than-ever variety of prices and styles so standing out in the marketplace is the challenge.

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Mar 23 2015

Women’s Shopping Habits in the Shoe Industry | WMI

Kerri Krom

That stereotype of a woman with a closet full of shoes may be more accurate than you think! Last year, women’s footwear sales reached roughly $24.6 billion, representing the largest segment in the shoe industry, and it’s expected to keep growing. 59% of women cite needing to replace worn out shoes as their main reason for purchase, but 38% cite taking advantage of a great sale as the main motivator to buy. Cold winters in many parts of the country may have driven sales of outdoor boots, which saw double-digit growth in 2014, but women’s shopping habits show that they can often be swayed to purchase shoes at any time, so long as there is an incentive to do so. Brands that offer discounts or sales are inviting women to gift (with less guilt!) themselves, or their friends, with a little extra pep in their step.

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Mar 18 2015

Direct Response vs. Branding Campaign Strategies | WMI

Amy Z.

Direct response vs. branding - which strategy should your brand use? Objectives dictate what kind of digital campaign a brand should launch. A branding campaign works if you're looking to build brand recognition in the marketplace and engage your target audience. Direct response campaigns work to drive sales or specific user actions, like coupon downloads.

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Mar 17 2015

How to Measure Digital Marketing Success | WMI

Amy Z.

Identifying the Right Performance Metrics

So, you’ve decided to run a digital campaign. First things first: Identifying the right performance metrics is critical when deciding how to measure your digital marketing success. Without clear establishment of goals, you can be left feeling like your campaign was a bust, when it may have been quite successful.

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Mar 10 2015

Weight Loss Market Trends in 2015 | WMI

Julie Wolvek

When we say “wellness is the “new black,” we mean that, to a growing segment of American women, concern for healthy living is paramount. Wellness is a mindset—it can mean fashion, healthcare, food and so much more. One area that has seen dramatic shifts recently is in women’s approach to weight loss and physical fitness. We’ve seen a significant change in weight loss market trends; women have been shifting away from traditional diet plans toward overall healthy eating and fitness. In fact, 60% of dieters agree that it is better to eat healthfully than to use diet-specific products, while 38% value exercise over diet to maintain their ideal weight.

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Mar 5 2015

How Millennials Use Skincare | WMI

Julie Wolvek

When it comes to skincare, millennial shopping habits may not be what you expect! While older women are often targeted with age-specific skincare products, younger women are increasingly interested in skincare targeted to their life stage. Millennial women seek healthy-looking skin, and are likely to choose products based on functional benefits.

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Mar 3 2015

Find Your Target Market: How to Hit a Bullseye | WMI

Kerri Krom

Are you wasting the time, effort and budget that goes into your advertising by missing your key target? If your brand doesn’t reach the right audience, your marketing is missing the mark.
Make sure you find your target market and “hit the bullseye,” so that your message resonates with interested consumers, reaching only those who are in a need or want state for your product, as well as avoiding waste targeting those who will not convert to purchase.

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