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Oct 29 2014

Digital Marketing Trends in 2015 | WMI

Kerri Krom

In this week's infographic, we predict and explore digital marketing and advertising trends in 2015. Mobile marketing is slated to see an increase in industry focus, while digital advertising spend in 2015 is predicted to grow by 23%. And of course, marketing in 2015 means data, data, data. Like this infographic? Feel free to download and share. To stay competitive in your industry and learn how 2015 marketing trends will affect your brand, contact Women's Marketing, Inc. online today or call 203-256-4188.

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Oct 27 2014

Marketing Investments to Increase Fourth Quarter Earnings | WMI

Gary Kleinman

As we approach the end of the year, companies start evaluating the year’s marketing efforts to begin planning for the following year, which can be a bit of a juggling act. Just as it is crucial to look ahead, it is equally important to not lose focus on the present. Many have a tendency to overlook their marketing efforts during the home stretch, causing a decline in fourth quarter marketing campaigns. The good news is that by staying the course, your brand could potentially gain a competitive edge over others in its space and increase fourth quarter earnings.

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Oct 22 2014

Why Wellness Marketing is Important | WMI

Kerri Krom

The Health & Wellness industry is massive, global, and growing. This is great news for health, beauty, nutrition and other lifestyle-related businesses. But wellness marketing is also becoming an increasingly important component for brands that don't directly sell health-related products or services.

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Oct 21 2014

Health & Wellness Marketing: The “Wellthy” Consumer | WMI

Kerri Krom

Women’s Marketing recently collaborated with Rodale on original consumer research designed to explore and explain the modern “Health & Wellness” consumer mindset and delve into 2014 wellness trends.

Among the topics:

  • What it means to be “wellthy”
  • The importance of accepting this mindset as the “new normal,” and
  • Why it’s such a huge industry (in fact, the next trillion dollar industry, with $125 billion allocated to nutrition and $25 billion to cosmetics procedures and beauty).

The trends all point in a single direction: More consumers are spending more money on Health & Wellness. The Health & Wellness market has seeped into so many aspects of women’s lifestyles. The fitness enthusiast is no longer a different woman than the soccer mom or the millennial fashionista. Today, she is often one and the same.

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Oct 15 2014

How Display and Search Work Best Together | WMI

Kathleen Jahnke

Our digital advertising infographic illustrates the complementary strengths of display and search advertising. Both of these advertising platforms can affect a consumer's path to purchase. Display advertising is especially helpful early in their purchasing journey, while search advertising helps consumers to locate your product and ultimately complete a sale. You can download this infographic here. And for more information on how display and search advertising work together, read our recent blog post on the subject.

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Oct 14 2014

Search Ads vs Display Ads: The Power of Working Together | WMI

Kathleen Jahnke

One of the most common questions our planning team receives when putting a digital plan together for a client is whether to go the display or search route. As some advertisers are still getting their feet wet in the digital space, they are understandably hesitant to invest their dollars in both, but, simply stated, it’s not really a case of search ads vs display ads. These two digital advertising options are most powerful when used in tandem. A synergy of display and search ads results in stronger campaigns with improved search engagement, enhanced brand recall and increased conversions.

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Oct 8 2014

What Media Are Female Millennials Consuming? | WMI

Julie Wolvek

We know women.

It’s our mantra. We understand what she’s looking for, what media she consumes and why she consumes it. In general, Millennials (particularly females) spend more time with the Internet than any other media, but it is important to note that the younger half of this generation is still reading more magazines than the older half (10.6 issues read per month vs. 9.9 issues).

Fun Fact: 18-36 year olds spend an average of 17.8 hours a day with different types of media and use multiple sources, some of which are used simultaneously (and no, they are not strictly being used to catch up on friends’ whereabouts!).

Millennials as Consumers: They’re Spending Time Socializing with Their Peers

Some forms of media are more important to Millennial consumers than others. Entrepreneur reports that 71% of Millennials say they engage in social media daily, and spend over five hours per day generating their own content (this may include social media posts, photos, blogs, emails and texts), which equates to 30% of their total daily media consumption.

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Oct 7 2014

How Millennial Are You? | WMI

Kerri Krom

Take this 14 item quiz and we’ll tell you how "Millennial" you are, on a scale from 0 to 100, by comparing your answers with those of respondents to a nationwide scientific survey. You can also find out how you stack up against others your age. Access the quiz here!

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Oct 1 2014

Women's Marketing Announces West Coast Expansion | WMI

Marlea Clark

Westport, CT-based media agency Women’s Marketing, Inc. is announcing its new California offices to be led by beauty industry veteran Sinead Norenius. Norenius comes to Women’s Marketing with deep experience and passion for helping brands grow. Andrea Van Dam, CEO of Women’s Marketing, says “We’re thrilled to have Sinead join our growing team and bring her entrepreneurial flair and strategic skills to help our West Coast-based clients stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.”

About Sinead Norenius

Norenius developed her own skincare line, Beautisol, which went on to win Allure “Best of Beauty Awards” in 2012 and 2013 and acclaimed distribution on HSN for four years. Norenius is the founder of iFabbo, the influential beauty and fashion blogger network, and the iFabbo Social Media Conference, held in London and San Francisco, which successfully brought together bloggers, brands and the tech community. Earlier in her career, Norenius owned beauty and fashion consulting group The Beauty Firm and was director of education and events for St. Tropez Tan.

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