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who we are

We’re an Indie Brand: Passionate and Driven to Succeed

Women’s Marketing is a marketing and media services partner to brands in search of high growth. As an independent woman-led agency, we understand the entrepreneurial mindset, because we live it. We have a long history of turning dynamic indie brands into leaders across categories that matter deeply to women, including beauty, fashion, health, and food/beverage.

It’s About Connection

Data and proprietary insights drive our rich understanding of how women discover, select, and interact with brands every day. Glimmer, our social insights community offers a proprietary, real-time look at the conversations, preferences, and reactions of women across the social landscape. We’re digital-first, using advanced targeting, analytics, and an extensive knowledge of the social landscape to ensure results. With an impressive roster of recurring clients, Women’s Marketing has become the authority on what inspires and moves women along the path-to-purchase.

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